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Become a Bona Fide
Wholesale Partner Today!

Becoming a wholesale partner is easy!  We offer low minimum orders, high quality American Made grooming products and apparel, and the best customer service in the business. To get started with us simply call +1 (714) 362-6828 or click the "Apply Today!" button to fill out our Wholesale Partner Application.


Increased Product Sales

Put some money in your pocket by stocking your shelves with Bona Fide! We work hard to make sure our products sell themselves.


Global Social Media Exposure

With our established distribution channels in 5 continents and a growing social media presence, your work will be exposed to an expanding international audience.


Increased Customer Traffic/Conversion

We always encourage our customers to buy locally which means we will always point them in your direction. Increased foot traffic in your shop means Bona Fide product purchase to haircut conversions.


Personalized Customer Service

We keep our competition on their toes. We are a family owned and operated business that is eager to earn and help grow your business.  We understand growth as mutually beneficial and we will work hard to earn space on your shelves.